We are selling a brand of footwear wholesale for industry professionals and shops.

We have extensive and proven experience in the sector and today we offer an extensive display of footwear in Elche, a city of great shoemaking tradition in Spain. We are distributors for Spain and Europe and we have own manufacture.

Our philosophy

Our philosophy is to provide our customers the best value possible, respecting the environment and EC standards. We have our own manufacturing and a complete sample footwear Elche to meet the needs of our customers, both in fashion, quality and service. One of our main advantages is the speed and flexibility to adapt to changing fashion trends.


Our products are aimed at shoe stores, shoe wholesalers, supermarkets, boutiques, online stores, etc. strictly excluding retail (end consumer).


Preparation of orders immediately because the goods we have in stock (except for specific cases where there were no stocks). 
Attention to customer suggestions. 
Portes reduced. We provide our customers all our agreements with transport companies. Both international and national levels (including Islands, Ceuta and Melilla).