Payment options are:

  • By bank transfer
  • Come directly to the store to pay cash and pick up your order.


What do we consider a return?
All those products that have damages, defects, or breaks due to a factory defect. Damages from use, wear and tear are not considered a return.

When are returns made?
Calzados Buonarotti is committed to making a return per season. In other words, after the end of the Summer season, our customers will be able to request a return collection for all defective products, and will subsequently receive their corresponding payment.

The return collection dates are as follows:

-Summer season, at the end of August.

-Winter season, at the end of January.

What happens if you want a refund after the deadline?
If the client requests the return after the deadline, the same procedure will be followed, collecting and paying the corresponding amount later. However, in this situation it is the customer who covers the costs of the collection.